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Beach Sunset

We're Here to Serve!

Here at Busta Lime, we aim to serve the people of Crystal Beach (and whoever else) delicious frozen drinks to help with the summer heat. Taste is our top priority!

Aperitivo with Friends

Pull Up and Order!

Unfortunately, we do not take online orders! All orders will be taken at the window of our establishment.

Palm Trees

How We Started

Busta Lime Premium Frozen Drinks is a family owned and operated frozen drink establishment designed to provide the best tasting drinks around! We want everyone to have a fun, memorable, family experience. We have something for everyone, including families, since we serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic delicacies! From premium frozen margaritas and daiquiris for adults to shakes and floats for the kids, we are your special treat destination. Go through your convenient drive-thru and enjoy them on the beach or at your relaxing beach house!

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